Sperm Donor for AI or NI. Here to help.

by AdamH6 » 06 Oct 2017

I've never done anything like this before but am really interested in helping someone who is looking to have a child and doesn't have the 'means' to do it (I'm sure you know what I mean). Giving someone that gift is something which I think would be incredibly fulfilling. I don't really know what else to
say but if you have any questions please just ask.

A bit about myself, I'm 24, I have a bachelors degree in economics. I'm very sporty and would describe myself as healthy (touch wood). I don't smoke and never have and don't drink. I'm 5'11, 150lbs and from a Pakistani heritage.

I'm very flexible in terms of travel as long as it is within U.K.

**I've had quite a few people message me so I'll just post it on here so it's clear, yes I'm very open to having a mixed race baby or as some people say a 'Zayn Malik' baby

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