Sperm Donor Fife and Central Scotland

by Gilead25 » 04 Mar 2018

Previous Donor, Happy to help out when requested/available.

Fit and healthy, educated to University level and in stable career. No family health issues that run in the Genes.
Feel free to get in touch if interested.

by MrP81 » 12 Mar 2018


We are a married couple in Fife looking to expand our family. Not sure how we get in contact directly, but might be interested in your help.


by K250987 » 13 Mar 2018

Could you message me with more info please

by BKFTR23 » 15 Mar 2018

Not sure how to get in touch privately Gilead25 but I wonder if you could get in touch.


by Sammyand » 25 Mar 2018

Hi anychance you colud help us. Were ment to meat a donor on fruday but hes letting us down. And its the best time to concieve.

by Songbird » 20 Sep 2018

Hi Gilead. 29yo mother here looking for second child through donation. Also in Fife, next fertile phase from October 6th to 12th.

Not really looking to co parent but open to child knowing who their father is when old enough and possible contact if you would want that. Also open to sending pics on their birthdays once a year or more if interested.

by darrenMc » 11 Jul 2019

I'm based in Scotland and happy to help.

Have a look at my profile and let me know.

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