Sperm Donor - Edinburgh - 150 mins radius

by Steved26 » 25 Apr 2018

This is a very genuine ad where I am advertising to donate my sperm. This can either be for natural or artificial insemination.

About me: I am a 26 year old professional guy, 100% DDF and drug free, I also on drink alcohol on occasionally circumstances. Due to a requirement from a previously relationship I know I have an 'exceedingly high' sperm count, there are 2 main factors to this and they are that not only I have a lot of swimmers I'm a very heavy cummer so there's a large volume!
I also have 2 children of my own.
I'm not looking to take an active part in your future plans so don't worry I won't turn into any type of stalker!

I'm happy to speak with people across various platforms/relationship types and will try to work around your needs and commitments.

I know this won't be possible without us sorting out the fundamentals so I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and will try to accommodate as much as possible

by Vickilou » 01 May 2018


My wife and I are looking for a donor.

Would you be interested in chatting?

We are near Edinburgh.

by Bellamc1 » 07 May 2018

Hi Steve

My partner and I would be very keen to discuss this further.

We reside in the Glasgow area.


by Gabby35 » 15 May 2018

You sound exactly what my partner and I are looking for are you happy to chat? We are also in Edinburgh.

by Bubbamak » 29 May 2018

Hi, you sould exactly like what my husband (very low sperm count) and I are looking for. We are approx 30 miles from Edinburgh and looking to start family asap.

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