Sperm donor East of Scotland

by Hope121 » 08 Apr 2012


I am a 36 year old professional woman witha young child who was conceived by donor. I would love another baby to complete our family. If you would be able to help would be very much appreciated. I wouldn't be looking for any ongoing involvement from someone although would keep in contact if donor wanted updates on child.

Due to family and work commitments I would be unable to travel.


by Alex222 » 15 Apr 2012

Well i am not a million miles away. Perhaps we can have a talk?

by Hope121 » 18 Apr 2012


Thanks for your post, I'm in Dundee - you anywhere near??

by Colin69 » 21 Apr 2012


Im based in Edinburgh if that would be of help to you.

Hope you can advise.


by Alex222 » 24 Apr 2012

Yep I am Just the other side of Aberdeen.

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