Sperm Donor Bristol - South West England, UK

by KDC » 28 Feb 2011

Information about me

Hi, Im a 19 year old, healthy young male, who is British, average person for what a 19 year is, 6.3, white, black hair, green/amber eyes, who is located in the South West of England in Bristol, who would like to help others in need of creating a family. I would like to help in any way possible to allow you or you and your partner start a family and pursue with their lifes. I have a STI certificate on the site for your viewing. I would prefer to be as much anonymous as possible all I ask if you do fall pregnant could you let me know please and when you do have the baby could you just drop a message, Txt or email, I do not wish to have any contact afterwards if thats okay with you/both, although I have no problem staying in contact if you wish to. If in any way interested if drop me a message. Thanks Kyle.

by kdub » 02 Mar 2011

hi we are currrently looking for a donor. drop me a mail if you think you could help. Many thanks

by youngmum » 29 May 2011

hi i am looking for a donor im not far from bristol im looking to finish my family if u think u could help feel free to msg me thanks x

by sarah12_ » 30 May 2011

hi kyle

my name is sarah and im 26..me and my partner are wanting to start a family and was wondering if you would like to help.
i live in worcestershire and im in a same sex relastionship
i also have been tested and would provide any comformation you needed if intrested in helping
will travel or will pay travel cost etc..
if there is anything eles you would like to know please just ask


by Jadep » 07 Jun 2011

Hi I'm currently single looking for a donor don't live far away if you think you could help please message back.

by sadiepar » 09 Oct 2011

Hi Kyle,

Were a lesbian couple who have been together 8 years, one of us have 2 children from a previous relationship but were looking to extend our family.
We have recently joined the site and were very impressed with your profile. Are you still interested in donating and have you donated to anyone else ?

look forward to hearing from you

Sade and Al

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