Sperm Donor Birmingham

by bakerg02 » 17 Jul 2020


I am an 18 year old donor in Birmingham, i have only recently turned 18, i have no STD's or illnesses that run through the family i can assure you. I also have a really good sperm count i have tested and it also runs in the family. Happy to help anyone in need that is with in the Birmingham area, please contact me on this forum first of all as i currently can't access a full membership thanks!

by Win20 » 18 Jul 2020


I am interested. Can you chat a bit on this forum? Please

by Smile321 » 22 Jul 2020

Hi, I am interested and would like to discuss

by Lilem » 15 Aug 2020

Please would you help us?

by R0B34N » 16 Aug 2020

I am interested
I am 28, i have a son who is 8. I had 4 miss carriages after him and we both love a baby to join our family.

by TGoode02 » 20 Aug 2020

I am a transgender male. I am 19 and live within the Birmingham area. Me and my partner wish to have a baby of our own in the future and so we are looking for donors. If possible, could you please reply back? Thank you very much!
We wish for the donor to have my looks and similar interests with no diseases or illnesses in the family.


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