Sperm Donor available, SE Wales but I travel with work

by Mike36 » 11 Jun 2013

Hi, I’m looking to offer my services as a sperm donor. I've just done this for a mate who’s been trying naturally and with IVF. Knowing they're 3 months pregnant and so happy makes me feel really good.
It worked first time when I tried for my mate, same when I was trying for my own son. Regrettably, I also had an unwanted pregnancy a few years back, so I must be pretty fertile!!

I'm 6'3" with a good build even though I don't train regularly nowadays.
I represented GB in one sport and was national champion in another. I'm educated to post-grad level and work at mid/senior management level. My own son is good-looking and bright. I have a bomb-proof immune system and there's no cancer, asthma or heart problems in my family. I’m not trying to be a big-head but I really believe I could give people great kids!

Although I'm not looking for any contact, I would want to know a little bit about anyone that I gave my sperm to; mainly that you have the means and ability to be a good parent but also that you are mature enough to decide that now is the right time for you. So if you are single, 19, out of work and no particular plan for life then forget it!

I live in the S.wales borders area but I travel a bit with work - in Manchester this week!

by sass127 » 30 Jun 2013

Hi Mike we are looking for a sperm donor to help us have a family we are both in our 40's and we are really wanting a baby. im still ovulating but my partner had a vasectomy a long time ago and we fear its not able to be reversed. i would appreciate any reply on here as i cant read personal messages on this site im new to all this and would like to know the procedure you use. do you use AI or NI as i dont know which is most successful. please advise and if possible would you help.

by chippyc » 20 Jul 2013

hi there,

Am new to all this first time today! but seriously want help with fulfilling my dream of becoming a mummy. Do you travel to Surrey at all?!



by johnxx » 22 Jul 2013

In sw. Available for NI

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