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by Watphre » 20 Dec 2012

we've just signed up on here, looking for a donor to help us have a child together. Have a look at our profile and let us know what you think

C and T

by rona23 » 28 Dec 2012

Hello, I am looking for a sperm donnor

ullp"]Hi am Paul a single heterosexual male from Liverpool. I am a farther off 3 beautiful children 1 boy and 2

girls from a previous long term relationship. I have also helped 2 couples to conceive in the past 1 boy 1 girl. They where conceived one via AI+PI and the other via NI both methods suggested by the couples involved.

I am 6ft tall with dark brown hair and hazel eyes and a medium build. I have a very easy going personality and a good sense of humour. I am genuine reliable discreet honest and non pushy.

I can travel round the country if needed and happy to help out for extended periods if needed.

Happy to discuss your requirements, be honest with me and you will receive honesty in return.

Thanks Paul
healthy sperm donor via AI - PI - NI
Hope you get your wish[/quote]

by ella1 » 31 Dec 2012

Hi Paul

I am looking for a sperm donor and would like to have a chat with you to discuss further. (I live in the West Midlands.)


by Megg67 » 04 Jan 2013

hi, we've just signed up here, could you please take a look at our profile, we are wanting a child and would be grateful if you could help us

by LMA » 16 Jan 2013

hello, I am looking a sperm donor with no strings attached whatsoever, am not interested in a relationship or coparenting.
anybody interested can contact me through***

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