Sperm donor available in the North West/North Wales Ni or Ai

by MrTIbs » 02 Aug 2016

Hi, I hope in some way I can help as a sperm donor, and help you get your family started, or extend an existing one.

I'm a very healthy 39 year old male, I'm STD free and have one child. I've decided to help others who may want children as I no longer wish to have any further children of my own. I have previously assisted a number of years ago, and had success with one person having a baby boy.

I am intelligent, balanced, happy and relaxed. I'm easy to talk to and can hold a good conversation in all company. I have college qualifications and a Diploma as well. I hold a very responsible position in a well paid professional career within a world wide company.

I'm naturally athletic and have competed at county level and played in leagues of a few different sports. I am a part time musician as well and have a diploma in classical and contemporary guitar from the Royal Northern College Of Music.

I am disease free, Have no addictions or history of drug use, I am tea total and do not require any prescribed medication. I have no current relationship, and do not seek a relationship from this, or reward.

I'm happy to help through any channel available, be it AI or NI.

I'm just a little over 6 foot tall, my natural hair colour is dark brown, my eye colour is blue and I'm of athletic build with low body fat. I am in excellent heath and take care of myself.

I am only willing to donate to one person at a time, within 12 month intervals to ensure that they get my full attention. If I am of interest to you please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can be messaged at any time, I am willing to travel, or you to me, or what ever you would be most comfortable with to help you.

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