Sperm donor avaible

by donator » 28 Dec 2016


I am available to give a sperm donor or to co parent. If your interested then please message me.

by jess86 » 20 Jan 2017

Hi we are currently searching for a spermatogenesis diner could you possibly please message me to discuss further if you are still available

by Zoe1990 » 26 Jan 2017

I cant get on your profile can you get in touch please


by donator » 27 Jan 2017

Hi Zoe1990,

I have viewed your profile and sent you a wink. You can check my profile out, I actually like your profile. I would love to help you with your goal.

by Desm2017 » 31 Jan 2017

I don't want to sound silly, but how exactly does this work??.

by Gray » 02 Feb 2017

hi i can't seem to get onto your profile. could you please get in touch.

by CaitlinS » 18 Feb 2017

Hi I tried to access your profile. My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor

by CaitlinS » 18 Feb 2017

Where about in the UK are you based?

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