Sperm donor AI or Ni?

by An01na » 27 Jul 2015

me and my donor have a great respect on the outcome we both want .. me to conceive he is donor no contact etc but I wondered how many of you found started as AI and converted to NI .. ?

whats your views I have seen his results tests etc and he mine and he has committed to me at present as he knows my concern of sti plus I dont want my key firstly week clashing when I need him most lol

by ste111 » 29 Jul 2015

I read your post with great concern as a potential donor on here
Sadly it seems there are s lot of cynical men on here who are preying
On vulnerable women desperate for a baby just to get a quick shag

This is despicable in my opinion. My advice would be to tell him
Are only comfortable with Ai.
If he is a true altruistic donor he should not mind at all
But my guess is you won't see him for dust once you tell him that.
People like that should be named and shamed and then banned from the site.
Likewise the cynical women who use genuine donors and then totally
Renage on the agreements that have been made re contact letting them know if successful

When someone showed me this site I thought what a wonderful idea - butnow im having my doubts......

by mac » 08 Aug 2015

100% Agree with ste111, if you only want AI, then stick to it the whole point is creating a life and then helping him/her grow into the best they can be, not for men to get a quicky. The site hasn't worked for me the way i'd hoped but that shouldn't put anyone of as i'm sure there has been success stories

by tim36 » 15 Aug 2015

as a ai donor get fed up with all the guy,s who just want one thing. we are ment to be here to help not for what we can get

by Missi83 » 09 Sep 2015

It's so shabby that they would even suggest such a things... I've noticed a few donors saying ( I will only help all natural as this would be the most successful way) ;)


by karma35 » 20 Oct 2015

Perhaps it should be a question of choice. I think it is wrong to judge people who choose a different way to you! There are men and women who for valid reasons, choose either to start with AI and then switch to NI if not working; or choose NI if they find the right donor and it's for the right reasons. Generally speaking I've found women who are older than say 38 realise that their chances of conception are lower and may consider NI. Sure, there are men who are out to get something and there are men who are pushy, but it doesn't have to be that way.


by An01na » 05 Nov 2015

thank you all for the feedback I agree some on here do only want a quick fix so to speak 5 months later my donor has been fab tbh not pushed and willing to wait around as need op when he could easily say sod off ill donate else where etc .. my concern is me taking long to get pregnant is it fare to ask him to carry on when he could be helping someone else

by mark1968 » 13 Dec 2015

Hi, New to this and an old thread, but I have no problem whatsoever separating reproduction from sexual gratification.
If someone tells you that DI is more effective than AI, don't believe them for a second.
Visiting someone's home and providing a sample is simple and straightforward. Application I believe, is relatively easy and precise.

by Danna » 13 Dec 2015

Well, at least some get proposals of AI. Check out my profile. I got insistent proposals to do NI only. I got hundreds of emails, from virgins to 60+ married couples. Guess what? No one wants AI. Even married men wanting coparenting, want NI only. If you do NI, its not donating but having an uncommitted irresponsible sex. I do not feel there are many decsent people. No offense!

by karma35 » 04 Jan 2016

I'm not NI has to be irresponsible. The risk of STD is the same for the woman however it's done. Something to consider, especially when there are couples sticking to AI for longer than they should. I'll try and paint a picture by comparing 2 fictitious women:

1) Tries AI for 3-4 months, then using the same donor switches to NI and gets pregnant in 2 months. I use hat example as it's one I was involved in.
2) Tries AI for 9 months, donor decides to help someone else, so she finds another and another AI donor...also damages her cervix with a pipe stuck on the end to he syringe... OK so I'm perhaps labouring the point now! But:

Which is more risky?


by hebble » 14 Jan 2018

Very late to this thread and no one will read but hey I have a few minutes.....

First off I am not party to either approach as I am not a participant (who wants a fat erudite old guy).

To my point. There were some really interesting programmes on channel 4 a couple of years ago related to hormones and a pheromones and the reproducing process. I don't have all the details to hand but basically the presence of a man can create chemical changes in a woman and make her more likely to conceive. For example male saliva from kissing, male sweat from under the armpits, secretions on the penis itself, etc. It went into such things as women voices being higher pitched when in their peak fertility, i.e. when we were all animals on the the wild plains of Africa and it was night time the high pitch was used to track down the fertile females. The experiment for this was to have a load of undergraduates rate women's voices as to who was sexy. The results were fascinating in that the most desirable were the higher pitched. What was more interesting was although there were 10 voices there were only 5 women, i.e. at peak fertility and not at peak fertility. All undergraduates chose the peak fertility voices......interesting

Similarly, men with deeper voices are generally bigger and the vocal chords longer which means they are the ones that females want to mate with. Who has ever heard of females seeking out the weediest men to have children with....someone has to fight the dragon when it lands in the village. This preference was proved statistically by analysing the number of children men had in remote tribes based upon tone of voice. Those with deeper voices... a lot more children.

In essence we are chemistry sets that each sex unlocks. Putting a sample in a test syringe does nothing to unlock these additional keys. Thinking that both are the same is, in my opinion ignoring several years of evolution and not keeping up to date with modern science.

One much focus on the prize not the method. There was a witty line in Red Dwaff. I had sex with a beautiful woman last night in her apartment. How did you get by car or bicycle. It doesn't matter.....(the character would have arrived by bicycle....)

Perhaps the real issue here is perhaps we should try to get to a real date scenario rather than focussing on the NI..... to classify it as having a short lived fling with the adage that what happens on the date / fling stays on the date / fling. And who doesn't like getting dressed up, having dinner and then a special dessert..... And if one ends up with a pudding all the better.


by Sunnyka » 31 Mar 2018

We tried NI 4 times with my wife. Our donor was very helpful and friendly. We saw tests etc without asking. We agreed in everything. Now we are 9 weeks pregnant and cant wait to be parents :)

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