Sperm Doner to become a Mommy and Daddy

by Martinne » 29 Dec 2015

Good Evening All.

Myself and partner have been together for 17 years . We both would love to become a Mommy and Daddy . My partner has health issues making it impossible for me to conceive . Can anyone help us to make our wishes come true :D

by Chaseb » 04 Jan 2016

Hello I would like to help out if I can, where in the UK are you? Check out my profile I'm also on here looking to coparent but in this instance you appear to have a ready made loving family so I'd be glad to consider anonymous or some communication on the child's welfare/momentous occasions. I'm a genuine person and would expect to go through the usual test for STIs (both recipient and donor).

by rich99 » 16 Jan 2016

Would love to help you out and can travel. Rich

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