sperm doner for southampton and local areas uk

by john50 » 08 Mar 2012

sperm doner willing to help with your dreams as long as csa not involved (bad exsperiance in past)
willing to travel to help within reason
i prefer the old fasioned way but also willing to supply a spesamin live for your own use(sperm into warm cup for u to finger insert)
we can keep in contact or once pregnant thats it the choice is yours just happy to help
just happy not to be waisting my precouse sperm so that some ppl would use it for there own happyness
willing to help singles couples including lesbians families
i am 5ft 6 white brown eyes dark brown hair 53 yr old little tubby but still pumping out 28million per ml :lol:
i have 3 boys and 1 girl that i know of already, photos on request.the youngest are 16 months 1 boy and 1 girl with 2 girls i met in phillipines xmas 2009 :D i may not be much to look at now but my kids are WOW

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