Sperm doner needed this month!

by Claire92 » 30 Oct 2010

Sperm doner needed this month

Local area only please, NI OR AI

Chester / Manchester / Runcorn area

Please help!

Days from the 7th - 11th of november

Single, 18, Financially stable

I long to be a mummy, please give the gift of life :) thanks xxx

by Curtis » 03 Nov 2010

I can help if you want but my ethnicity may be a problem. I don't live nearby, i live in the Coventry area which is also a problem.

by Hope49 » 21 Apr 2018

Hi I would love to help with a donation

by D4V1D » 26 Apr 2018

Hi I am a donor offering

I’m a Funyun W person with my own children already looking to help some one else in need unable to have there own ...

I am in my 30s with blonde hair and blue eyes

I am healthy I don’t drink or anything

I am Manchester located

If I sound like the sort of person that your looking for then please feel free to contact me for any information thank you

by Smurf » 03 May 2018

Hi Claire, I'm an active sperm donor in the Hertfordshire area; Watford. If you'd like further information please contact me.

by Nealmed » 31 May 2018

I am Neal, I'm a 47 year old male near Leeds. I am professional, successful, creative, and kind, so if you had my baby hopefully he/ she would inherit some of these! I can travel to you or nearby depending on where you are. Just to let you know, I am British and my parents are from India, so if we had a baby he or she would probably have dark skin. Neal

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