Sperm Donations Mauritius

by bond008 » 08 Apr 2013

I love travelling and meeting nice and beautiful people. The reason for donating sperm came in my mind as I watched the sperm bank documentary, the germinal choice.
So far I am proud of myself. My success has been the nominee of the outstanding young person in mauritius and the certificate was signed by the pro vice chancellor for teaching and learning from the university of mauritius.
I can do a good cause to a beautiful woman, which I think is right. I appreciate a healthy living with luxury. I expect the sperm recipient to have a house with good health, financially competent to grow and nourish the child with lots of love. I agree that I will have no contact with the child but my identification will be revealed after he/she turns 18 years. I want to make sure that I follow your country jurisdictions and its laws before proceeding as I want to stay on the safe side.
I prefer face to face meeting. If we feel great and come to a successful agreement then I agree to do a blood test and follow the instructions of the doctor and the sperm recipient.

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