Sperm Donation Natural Intercourse

by nick1973 » 04 May 2018

I'm looking for a woman that would like to have a sperm donation through natural intercourse. I am 45 and have a very high sperm count. My sperm is usually quite thick and there's quite a large quantity. I like to eat and healthily and keep myself fairly fit. I also take zinc in 50mg tablets to increase the quantity and volume. This works for me.

I don't sleep around, very clean and not had sex for quite along time anyway. So I am looking for a woman that wants to try naturally but without any commitment as such.

I'm happy to have sex throughout the full cycle as well until successful, and if not just keep trying. Even after success i don't mind continuing to ensure fully.

I live in the grimsby/cleethorpes area, so i guess a woman from Lincolnshire or North East Lincolnshire would be good. But also I am very open about this and happy to chat and consider someone from a further distance away. If your a couple as well, then its probably better done at a distance. However I still want to donate through natural intercourse so it would need talking about and need some understanding.

If that interests you then please let me know. Happy to chat openly as well and discuss anything.

by Rhi1 » 26 Jun 2018

Hi please can you contact me need donation 5-7th July I'm longing for baby and hope you can help

by fred1 » 25 Jul 2018

Hi there,

Happy to discuss this with you further if you are still seeking a donor.

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