sperm donation creating any remote family

by lisa40 » 23 Jul 2012

Hello i think i probably know the answer to this already but im making sure.

My dad a couple of years ago donated his sperm to a clinic. I have no family really and i always longed for a brother or sister *just some family which would have given me purpose to live more*
I felt oneday if i met the right couple or lady they could have my dads sperm and i would have the joy of having a half brother or sister even though now i am aged 40! sigh.

But my dad died suddenly last year and his sperm still is at the clinic. Does this definitely mean my dads sperm can no longer be given to a couple or lady because he is no longer alive? :-(


by PETER57 » 15 Aug 2012

I feel that your first course of action is to contact the clinic and put to them what you would like. The answer they give will determine your next step. Do you know if your father made a will and if so was any provision in the will as to his wishes for the use of or disposal of his samples. The fact is that you may need to employ a solicitor and ultimately the decision of who's property the semen sample now is may have to be made in the High Court. If the case could be argued under the human rights act it may succeed however these cases have been know to cost into the £100's of thousands ie 6 figures.

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