South Yorkshire donor available

by Jackson » 13 Apr 2017

Hi I'm jack ok 30 years old, I have donated before but am limiting the amount of people I donate too so have to be picky. I basically want to help people that could be amazing parents. Please get in touch and I will be happy to help :)

by Eitak911 » 14 Apr 2017


I'd be interested to know more. Pretty new to this so please get in touch.

by Csr1987 » 03 May 2017

Send me a message and we can chat more. Thanks

by Hanzi31 » 22 May 2017

Me and my wife would like to get to know you:)

by Jenkir17 » 28 May 2017

Hi Jack.
Myself and my wife are looking for someone to help us. Maybe that could be you? If so get in touch x

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