South Wales (or further) donor help on offer

by Welshdz » 09 Jan 2017

Happy new year all

Time for those New Years resolutions : and mine is to make a concerted effort to help people who may need it

Be that in general life , or more specifically on this site ; with the most fantastic gift

From my perspective, past experiences have shown me how great it is to be a father, and I know how other people must want the same ( either father or mother ). On the one hand I have been lucky to have two great kids, and on other hand they don't live with me : so get the perspective of both having and not having at same time.

And therefore if I could help and give back to someone else then even better, and would make me very happy, positive and of use

Ask anything you want, open to suggestion, and of course all is free and above board.

Would love to help anyone out there, either local or with prior arrangement a bit of travel

Hope all get what they are looking for, take care


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