South London based donor

by gac17 » 09 Apr 2019

London based sperm donor looking to help anyone interested.

I am experienced and successful sperm donor. Have donated by NI & PI, 4 successful pregnancies on 1st or 2nd attempt, however will respect and support recipient’s wishes.

Clean of STD/STI

Happy to travel.

by KookyKay » 19 Apr 2019

I’m interested, you’re welcome to get in touch

by Ayres1 » 22 Apr 2019

Would you consider using AI method? Thank You

by gac17 » 23 Apr 2019

Hi Kooky
I have sent you a pvt message, if your not a paid member then let me know & I will give you my email address

by Longy12 » 25 Apr 2019


by AvaMarie » 11 May 2019

Me and my partner are looking for a London based sperm donor, if you can help please let us know x we are willing to travel and also would like to chat more

by gac17 » 15 May 2019

Hi Avamarie
I have sent you a pvt message, if u are a paid member then please read my message, if not please reply back here

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