South Florida Couple looking for Donor

by CD7466 » 24 Apr 2012

Hello, I am writing on behalf of my beautiful wife and myself...we are in search of a sperm donor. We are both well educated, smart, successful women...we're living the so called "American dream"...own a house with a yard, have a dog, tons of friends and a wonderful family. We were legally married about two years ago, and have a very healthy, well established relationship. There is just one missing piece...a little one to call our own.

We have tried to conceive 7 times, all unsuccessfully so far. It has proved to be financially stressful, hence us looking for a "free sperm donor" today. So, here we are...searching ONLY for a sperm donor. We are not interested in co-parenting AT ALL. The donor will simply provide us with his genetic make up, and then take on a friend role to the child in the future. Yes, we do want you to be open to communication with the child, and we're not opposed to hopefully all of us gaining a great friendship and sharing such a wonderful bond. So, be open to communicating throughout the years...and if more comes of it, great...though the expectation is purely a donor/offspring relationship.

You = WELL EDUCATED!!! Successful in life. Self sufficient. Funny. Smart. Good looks can't hurt either.

Reach out to us at *****@ for more info/pics. Thanks!!!

by jooflo » 30 Nov 2012

Hey there,

my name is Florian from Germany. Well educated, love to travel and willing to help you...

Best Florian

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