Solvent gay future dad, looking:-)

by deefa » 10 Sep 2013

Hi everyone

You can read more about me under my profile name, 'deefa'.

Meanwhile, I have a civil partner (together 5 years) and will be returning to the UK later this year after running our business in China to focus on my business in the UK. My civil partner is very happy to support my wishes but would only want a passive role in the child's life.

The time is now right for me to seek either a single lesbian or heterosexual woman and possibly a lesbian couple to make our dreams come true in becoming co-parents. I'm based in central Manchester and whilst being within a couple of hours drive would be ideal, it's not a deal breaker.

Ideally, we'd have a "divorced but friends" kind of arrangement. The child to be with mum(s) in the week and with dad at the weekends and school holidays. You're probably between the ages of 28 to 35, caucasion, or close to it and you (and your partner) are happy for me to be the legal father.

I'm 6ft4ins, proportionate build, moderate Mediterranean looks and a bit of an adventure seeker.

I'd like to do this the 'right' way, with an agreement, so we all know where we stand, from the onset. Thankfully, I am solvent so adequate financial support would be available for the child right from conception up until they finished their education.

If you're serious about co-parenting, please get in touch if you'd like for us to get to know each other a little better.

We're all seemingly in a similar boat, so best wishes to everyone and hope your dreams come true!

K :D

by malena0 » 14 Sep 2013

Hi Deefa,

I a 37 years old, who lives in London, and happy to finally had found this site, as i really would like to share this beautiful project with the right person,
It would be important to see if we have a similar outlook of life in order to raise the child within the same philosophy of life, i am not religious and i wouldn't like my child to have any influence of this kind for example...
I am spanish, mediterranean looking, with a healthy life stile.
If you are interested please let me know, i think it would be really nice to meet you. or to talk more about this.

Malena :)

by Ann123 » 17 Sep 2013


I was interested to read your post and was wondering how you envisage the development and growth of the child and when you were thinking about the shared care part of the arrangement. We are approaching this from the viewpoint that the child would need to be very close to the birth mother during the first three months due to breast feeding.

we are too old for your profile but would be fascinated to chat about this process as we have not been able to link with like minded males.



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