Soerm donor need soon!!! Please help!

by Gracie2 » 05 Feb 2013

Hello, I am a young professional who has just found out I will need to have children now rather then later due to fertility issues - they said by the age of 26 I will need to have my children never mind that's only about 2 years away! I wok with children on a daily basis and have done for the past 7 years so I will make a very confident and independent single mum.

I am looking for someone who does not and will not want any contact after.

I live in london area, I am healthy and would prefer artificial insemination however I will consider natural if someone is willing to have some screening tests done as well as myself.

Thank you

I hope you can help this has been a heartbreaking 6 months for me as originally I was told I may not be able to ever conceive so time is not on my side!

Thank you

by HelpD » 06 Feb 2013

Hi Gracie,

I read you post and I maybe able to help, I'm 23 year old and only looking to donate. If you want to ask some question feel free to ask also tell me about yourself. email is ***

by REDWOLF » 14 Mar 2013

hi I live in rome but easy to come or meet here...
just in case ..tell me

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