So want to be dads, anyone want to help us & we help you x

by coopers1 » 20 Oct 2019

Hello peeps! We are looking to complete our family. First of all we are not here to waste time. We are a strong and young couple, Been together for over 3 years now and engaged.. Stable Job etc. Ready to start a family as soon as possible. We have so much love to give a child or children. We are in the process of buying our own home to! Exciting times ahead. We have a wonderful family member called Poppy who is a lovely Golden retriever. We are looking for some one to help us fulfil our dreams of parenthood.

We are are very laid back people, more into nature then into watching tv all day long. We feel these days people use a television / games console as a baby sitter rather then spending time with their children, We are the type of people who will look forward to reading bed time story's and getting muddy in the park. We are looking forward to being proud dads and can't wait for that to happen. We have a good network of friends and family around us and all have said you both would make amazing dads.

We live in a nice area perfect for children with woodlands and parks, fishing schools etc. In the past I have helped a couple have a healthy boy! Hes 3 now and I feel its now time to have a child of our own. We are more wanting a child to be at home with us however happy to talk about options available. Of course we would love to make friends with people to and get to know you.

We have been trying for a couple of years to find a way to have a child with no success as of yet, all my brothers and sisters all have healthy children which makes us extremely jealous as we are a same sex couple its very hard to have a child. So looking forward talking to anyone willing to have some options. Sending out our love. if there is some one willing to help us we are also willing to help you :)

by Cupcakes » 27 Oct 2019

Hi there
It was quite re-freashing to read you profile and good to see that no time wasters are needed. How are you getting on with your life path. I'm a single women looking at options of co-parenting. But for you both I thought of a open day I went to for all individuals trying for a child be single same sex couples ect. I if found the site I would send to you, I also had a website could angle pride, have you ever seen that site. Anyway I'm 43 and time is against me with low egg quality so I couldn't donate. However I would in a heartbeat if was possible. I wish you both success

by Chiko89 » 03 Nov 2019

Am ready to help you with that problem.
Am a black african guy age 30 . i wish i can meet with
You so that we can talk or you can send me your cintact so that we can discuss. Am looking forward forward for your reply

by Donyi » 05 Nov 2019

Ready to help you
You can count on let's talk

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