Single woman seeking a man who wants to be a "dad" ,

by Optimist72 » 10 Feb 2016

Hi, I'm a 44 yr old woman who wants a child but preferably with someone he/she can call dad & who very much wants a child too. Co parenting without romantic involvement but child's needs at this possible?

by wayne47 » 09 Mar 2016

Am in liverpool single can coparent ai or ni

by CJJ82 » 20 Apr 2016

That would be ideal for me. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss if you like my profile.

by s1t9e89 » 23 Apr 2016

Hey if your still on the lookout for a co parent get in touch being a dad is something iv wanted for as long as I can remember...

by Petros111 » 24 Apr 2016

Of course it's possible

by simon73 » 24 Oct 2016

Coparenting dad wirral merseyside can I help thankyou

by Rachid » 26 Nov 2016

Hi.i am here if i could help .lets give it a try get in touch .but im looking with a child with a woman who want to be with so we can love the kid together and provide a sane life

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