Single woman - 35

by Katelm » 15 Oct 2017

Single woman 35, good job, family centred, no children, lots of love to give, seeking donor, no co-parenting.

by MD171017 » 18 Oct 2017

Hi Kate, I'm very interested and would like to meet you. If you like my profile, lets get in touch. xxx, Mike

by Midsman » 18 Oct 2017

Hi, not sure where you are based, I am in the midlands and could be donor if you wish. I'm 57 and have fathered 3 very healthy strong lads.

by TobyLYL » 18 Oct 2017

I am willing to help

by amans » 19 Oct 2017

I am 10 years older than you and I am looking to donate let me know would love to help out

by Dave32 » 05 Nov 2017

Iam35. From Ireland.if you like to chat .we go from for now.

by blueeyedoz » 10 Nov 2017

also keen to give it a shot (literally!) - pick me :)

by troy04 » 11 Dec 2017


i'm 32. y.o. Italian boy, polite and reserved 173cm skinny but good body.
i can help you, how to contact and keep in touch? We can talk about all.

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