Single Professional Woman seeking sperm Donor UK

by Chand » 08 Mar 2019

I am currently seeking a sperm donor who has the following attributes:
Healthy, Hygeinic, Educated, Liberal, Middle Eastern, Mixed race, Mediterranean, Latin American, Dark hair, light to medium brown skin. I want to have full parental rights, but want the option of a known donor so when the child/children are concieved, they get to know eventually who the sperm donor is, so the child has the option of knowing their full identity. I am a professional woman who has unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant through fertility clunics past 3 years and spent a fortune! I am now forced to choose alternative route so I want to pursue Artificial Inseminination with someone who is direct, honest and uncomplicated. I do NOT intend on thinking about or even TRYING natural insemination so please respect my wishes by not even mentioning this as an option if you decide to contact me. I am very easy going, a fully educated, fun loving person who wants nothing more than to have my own child. I believe God will send me the right Sperm donor through this site and will be very grateful for this opportunity. I am single and have an amzing career with high standards and morals. I am also a humanitarian and an advocate for equal opportunities and injustice. If you feel you can help me achieve my goals as soon as possible then please inbox me so we can work out whether you are suitable or not. Thank you for your time.

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