Single professional gay man looking to co-parent or donate

by Joshma » 12 Jul 2018

Dear Forum,

Just built my profile today (with a couple of photos, feel free to take a look), so a total newbie here. Apologies first if I by accident overstep any rules or boundaries on this site.

Anyway. I am 35 years old, British Chinese, working in education, head of department and educated with a master's degree. I teach Mandarin Chinese and Mathematics in an Independent Secondary School. I was in a 11 year relationship with a good man, but unfortunately our differences in wanting children ended up playing a big part in the termination of our relationship (there were of course other reasons too). Indeed, you can change a lot for each other, but after all, certain things just can't be changed.

So I am single now, desperate to become a father. Ideally I would like to be involved in my child's (or children's) life as much as possible - isn't it entirely the point of wanting to become a parent? Having said that, I am also happy to donate to any couple who struggles to have their own child, so long as I would still get some access to the child's life.

Details of myself are on my profile, please give it a read if interested, but to keep things short: I am 5'11 (180 cm) tall, weigh 74 kg, very sporty, sociable and in very good health conditions (I was going to say perfect, but I don't have proof...hehe). There isn't any genetic disorder, physically or mentally, in my family history.

If my ad sounds interesting to you at the slightest, please feel free to give me a shout. Happy to answer any question.

Ciao for now,

by Melanin » 03 Aug 2018

Hi Josh,

You sound like we could potentially be a great match. I was recently in China - went to Hong, Beijing and Shanghai - and the kids I saw there were so beautiful that it made my baby yearning even stronger. Remember saying to friends when I got back that I would be very happy to have a child that was part Chinese as all the kids I saw were gorgeous! Hope that does not come across as weird!

If my initial comment has not put you off then here's little bit more about me - I am in my mid-30s, a Londoner of Nigerian heritage who is university educated professional working for a FTSE 20. I own my own place, am financially secure with a supportive network of family/friends so at a stage in my life where I can have a child.

Have travelled the world and had a host of amazing experiences. Now would love a baby to make my life complete. Seeing kids of others has only reinforced my desire to be a Mum and believe that a family does not need to live under one roof or be cookie-cutter conventional in order to give a child an amazing upbringing.

Looking to meet a man (do not care about your ethnicity or sexuality) who is in a similar position (financially stable, sane - well as sane as anyone can be in this world!lol - and STD free) that would like to actively co-parent a child.

Anyway if you like the sound of me feel free to send me a message directly as I have a profile on here that can read and answer messages.

If not then I wish you all the luck in your search.

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