Single Parent looking for a sperm donor in the Northeast

by Katie03 » 13 Aug 2013

Hey so Im a single mum of one, 26 years old. I was with my sons SD for over three year then while I was in labour he turned all nasty like you would not believe and thats where it ended and he didn't want anything to do with his/my son, so I cant really trust anyone anymore as he ruined what was supposed to be the best experience of my life and turned it into a nightmare.This is the reason Im looking for a sperm donor so I can enjoy my pregnancy and labour and bringing up a baby with no arguments or upset from a man. I have a great family who 100% support me. Anyone that can help me I would be eternally grateful thank you in advance :) :)

by Dan1999 » 05 Sep 2013

Hi I'm also in the northeast and might be able to help.

by swm38 » 13 Sep 2013

Hi Katie. Drop me a line and lets chat.....

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