Single mother by choice looking for coparent

by CPhalf » 14 Mar 2013

Hi, I am a single mother by choice to a wonderful two year old boy. I am going to have a sibling for him and am interested in a potential coparent relationship. The right man would be a parent to both children (not necessarily financially to my son), so you would get two for one :). I am emotionally and financially stable, smart, attractive and funny (and modest, right?). I am also in my forties, so will go the donor egg route if can't conceive with my own eggs this time around. I would only choose a willing-to-be-known egg donor, as I did for my son's sperm donor, so the child we have together would know their genetic origins.

This all sounds so complicated! But the important thing is wanting, really wanting, to be a child's parent. It is the best thing in the world. The hardest job you'll ever love, like that old Army saying.

OK, that's it for now, respond if interested. Thanks!

Oh, I live in the Washington, DC, area but could potentially relocate (would have to think about this).

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