single mixed race female looking to co-parent

by nazma73 » 17 Jun 2012


I'm a single, heterosexual, professional woman looking to have a child before Mother Nature decides it really is too late. I have no children but this is not due to me having put my career first; as with so many people, it seems, I just haven't met a guy reliable and loyal enough (along with all the other qualities that are important to any kind of relationship) to embark on this most serious of undertakings with.

I don't just want a baby at all costs; I am nothing if not sensible and believe that children should, ideally, be raised by two parents who love and want them. It can't be helped if relationships breakdown, but for me, to bring a child into the world without someone to share it with would be selfish and irresponsible.

Please have a look at my profile to see where I'm coming from and get in touch if you think that you're on the same page.


by cj1980 » 15 Aug 2012

hi where in the world are you. UK male looking to be dad. If your interested get in touch

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