Single man, ready to donate...

by Fuerte89 » 05 Jul 2018

I’ve got 2 beautiful kids - a son and a daughter who are both doing great.
I`m 5`11" with dark brown hair and light blue eyes

I’m a former professional musician but now run my own wee property renovation company.

Fit, healthy and ready to donate and have no contact; or happy to be involved if so desired

by Abbey86 » 28 Aug 2018

We are a lesbian couple looking for help to have a baby.. Where are you based?


by fdmama » 17 Nov 2018

HI where are you based?

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

Hi My names Megan: Im almost 21 years old. I am Caucasian . I had my first born daughter 15th Janurary 2018. I wasn’t with her dad during my pregnancy. Sadly my daughter passed away at almost 7 months old due to SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome) I just need to be a mummy again I thought this would be a brilliant idea to turn to sperm donation: I loved being a mother I took to it like a duck to water I just feel robbed i wanted to do something different I was thinking about adoption. But I want to be pregnant again and have a beautiful little baby again. I’m 5ft5 inches blonde hair ( naturaturally light brown ) with green/blue eyes.

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

Hi there I seen your willing to donate. Where about sum Scotland are you from?

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

Can someone help me out ? I’m from Glasgow. I’m almost 21 . I had my first daughter Blake 15th January 2018. She passed of SIDS in August she was almost 7 months. My friend was my donor. Since she passed he have slowly drifted. I need to be a mother again I only want babies to donors that’s what I’ve always wanted. I was made to be a mother I’m so maternal. I miss everything I need a little baby to look after and love again I’m sure one of you gentlemen could help me i don’t have much money but I have a lot of love in my I need a baby I think using a donor again would make it even more special. For some reason it’ my profile on this is only updated 90 percent

by darrenMc » 10 Jul 2019

Happy to help.

Check out my profile and let me know.

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