Single Lesbians- Single parent by choice- Connect

by PScott » 04 Sep 2020

Hi Ladies,
This can be a daunting journey to embark even for a couple. Just wondering if there's any Single Lesbians choosing to be a single parents, looking to connect here and support each other?

This is my first time using the site and not sure what to expect but im seeing a lot of " Natural Insemination Only" and it really puts me off...

by Nicky350 » 01 Oct 2020

I'm considering this, currently.

by Kacey13 » 06 Oct 2020

I’ve also been looking into this. I’m also looking into adoption, but I’m not sure if they’ll let me adopt as I’m still at university at the moment (my idea is that if I wait to have a child I’ll have to leave work to look after them away).
So many of the options are expensive, which I wouldn’t mind but there is no guarantee that it’ll work

by PScott » 16 Oct 2020

My family fully support this but my friends are definitely looking down on me. Also not sure who will give a baby to someone single, the question i get asked most is "what about male influence". Having my father in my life actually harmed me more than anything.

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