Single lesbian looking for possible lgbtq+ co parenting.

by CaityMc » 07 Nov 2019

Hey! I’m very nervous posting this.
Originally I had it in my head that I’d like to just find an ai donor that would accept no contact afterwards, but after some consideration I’ve decided I’d like to co parent with another gay person and give them what I also so desperately want. I’m 23 years old and live in the East Midlands. I already have an almost 5 year old and would be looking to make sure that age gap between siblings isn’t any wider. Would be willing to consider AI and no contact or the possibility of co parenting with a gay man. Please get in touch if you fit this

by Connor56 » 13 Nov 2019

I’d be more than willing to help you I’m a single straight man from the West Midlands and I would consider an Ai donor

by Jam1977 » 19 Jan 2020

I am a single gay man seeking to be a known father to a child and I live in the E Mids.

by Ashraf » 11 Apr 2020

Hi Caity. I am very interested in your request/proposal. PM me to see how you getting on.

by Lovelyuk » 17 May 2020

i am interested to co parent a child if i fit your criteria im a single gay guy form the Philippines hwo loves children.. let me know if your interested

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