Single, heterosexual woman looking for co-parent/donor

by Caprica » 09 Oct 2012


I'm looking to start my own family and would like to find a Caucasian, preferably fair male co-parent or donor in the North East of England.
I am a single heterosexual working woman, I am looking to use a donor as my previous relationship broke down after the loss of our baby during pregnancy and I'm very intent of having a family.
I have a very strong, close family network that share the duties of looking after the children and I'm looking for someone who can help me add to that dynamic with children of my own - I would prefer all my children to have the same father, so willingness to have more than one child is a must.


by noggin » 11 Oct 2012

Hi, could be what your looking for. I'm pretty close to you, and would be totally committed to the process.
34 years old, single and great with kids. Let me know

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