Single guy looking to co-parent in Asia

by euqinu » 27 Oct 2012

I am a 27 year old single gay (largely closeted and private) guy based in Singapore and would be interested to co-parent. I am highly educated and financially independent and would be love to be a dad sometime in the near future.

I think I would make a great dad whether as a single dad or a co-parent but would prefer the co-parenting arrangement if this option is available.

If there is any interest, please do drop a reply on this forum thread and we can take it from there.


by tammy85 » 25 Mar 2013

try to reply several time but not success. i'm straight single. please give me feed back if you still want to have a co parenting.

by euqinu » 31 Mar 2013

Hello tammy,

I have dropped you a message to discuss matters. I am not sure if you are a paid subscriber - if not, we can liaise via this forum.

I am 27 m, based in Singapore (born and raised here). Studied overseas for a couple of years but have returned back to work. I have a very stable career and would be interested to raise a family.


by Zepth » 06 Apr 2013

I am also looking for a co parent / sperm donor fora new baby. I am divorced and love kids. Let me know if you are interested.

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