Single gay transman looking for a man to start a family

by Transman » 06 Oct 2016

Hi everybody !

I am a transman ( which means I'm a man but born in the wrong body : a female body. ) I've already started the hormonal treatment to masculinize my body but I do really want to have children; this is one of my biggest dream. I haven't done any opperation yet, which means if I want to have a child, I just have to stop taking testosterone.

So here I am, looking for a gay/bi man who would like to start a family. ( I'm gerontophile so... If you're under 30 / 35 years old, I would probably not be interested. )

I'm born in Switzerland but never felt swiss at all, that's why I'm here. As soon as my civil status will be modified, I'll move to the U.K. because that the place where my heart is already. I can't explain why but it's a fact.

If you have any question, feel free to ask ;-)

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