Single gay female looking for co parent

by stacey87 » 04 Jan 2018

Hi I am a single 30 year old female who works as a manager in the IT sector. I am a hard working individual who loves life and loves to laugh.

I own my own home and I am financially stable. I would like the meet a sound minded individual to help me bring a child into this world and also play a part in the Childs life.

If you would like to discuss more then please get in contact to see how things go.

by BabyJoyA » 11 Jan 2018

Hello, i saw your advert and its potentially something i maybe interested in. Can you let me know where you are based please? Best wishes Jon

by carlowda » 25 Jan 2018

hi shame you dont live in Ireland could have help you with this

by Dan21987 » 29 Jan 2018

Would you consider a guy who is HIV positive but completely undetectable?

by cristian » 30 Jan 2018

I can be a donor in any way to do the insemination I have blood tests and are all good .

Thank you

by s1t9e89 » 11 Mar 2018

Hey stacey are u still looking by any chance? I'm based in Manchester if that's close to you :-)

by Jows » 24 Mar 2018

Hello Stacye, happy to help. Get in touch.

by Devon200 » 27 Mar 2018

Hi I would like to help and love to co parent I'm AI Free Sperm Donor based in Exmouth Devon Greek origin up to date std certificate two successful pregnancies one donor boy one donor girl my blood group A + I regular donate blood I would love to co parent if interested is *** my mobile phone number ***

by Harry157 » 30 Mar 2018

Hi! I’m interested, I’m 22 years old, perfectly healthy with no genetic diseases. I am gay, so I know the struggle. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more.

I have brown eyes & brow hair, olive skin & Spanish/Italian heritage.


by xavsun » 04 Apr 2018

Hi Stacy. I am interested. I am 35 and healthy, and also looking for coparenting. I am based in Cork Ireland. How about you?

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