Single female looking to coparent with gay couple/male

by Curtains » 27 Jul 2016

I'm a single female at the age of 21. I have a two year old daughter and the father isn't involved at all so anyone willing would have to understand that. I'm pan sexual and have no desire to get in any relationship, I'm very happy with my life at the moment and feel i am very ready to take the next step with having a second child. If you have any questions please ask away I'm a very open person.

Will want to spend time with you before thinking about taking the next step, I think it's crucial we agree(most of the time ;) ) on parenting techniques.

If i met the right person/couple that would become part of the family. I would consider moving to a new town.

Please message me, i'm not very good at messaging people first :)

by Mrlita » 02 Aug 2016

Hello am a gay black male who is lookin to be a dad just
Read your profile and I just like to know where are u based
And if interested I will send you a picture and more information

by poet » 14 Aug 2016

I am interested in helping
Heres more about me:
Looking to coparent or donation-method AI or NI is fine. I am happy to leave parameters of contact with the mother. I would like to help a couple or mother conceive/have a baby or coparent-whichever is needed.Genuine and positively friendly to be with, good sense of humour, intelligent,educated ,solvent and financially stable, creative, pleasant personality, spiritual, caring, good listener ,broadminded, fit, healthy, domesticated, kind hearted ,working on new writing projects and temping so life is quite busy. I am far from perfect but am open and honest about things.I have 2 healthy intelligent boys from a previous relationship.Had a recent sperm test count is healthy and positive. I do not sleep around and never cheated on my ex in 17 years! BTW-I donate blood regularly to the NHS so I know I'm healthy!
All the best in any case.

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