Single Female Looking for Co-parent or donor uk

by Keljns » 20 Feb 2013

I'm 41 now and would love to have children but have not found someone. I'm looking for a sperm donor or co-parenting.
I work as an IT Consultant.
Would love to become a mother before time runs out, as biological clock ticking.

If you can assist please contact me.

I really look forward to creating and bringing a new life into this world


by dan1609 » 25 Apr 2013

hi there im looking to co parent if ur interested where in the uk r u

by Pete251 » 15 May 2013

I am a shy chap with aspergers. I really really want kids. I am blonde, blue eyed, 6 ft 2, I don't drink, don't smoke, (anti drugs and all that rubbish) I have a good sense of humour, love music, seek someone to have children with and share that responsibility as good friends, and would be a good dad.

I tick all the right boxes. please contact, would love a family next January

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