Single Female in South London Looking to Co Parent

by KaylaS93 » 03 Apr 2018

I'm 24 Years old and single with a 6 year old. I don't see myself getting into a relationship anytime soon but would love another baby and I strongly believe my daughter needs a sibling. I work full time and have my own place I'm fairly independent the idea of co-parenting is more for the sake of the child than my own. Feel free to message me if you can help. Thanks :)

by Saj » 04 Apr 2018

Hi how u this is my first time am Asian age 30 willing to help u

by Kay770 » 05 Apr 2018

Hi I can help
I’m an experienced donor

by David105 » 09 Apr 2018

I am interested. Please review my profile. look forward hearing from you.


by sagi » 24 Jun 2018

Hi, how are you, are you still looking for a co-parent if so i am interested

by lf147180 » 27 Jun 2018

Hi there Kayla! Are you still looking to co-parent? I am willing to co-parent by means of natural insemination. I would love to be a father to the child.

by Momo17 » 03 Jul 2018

Hi I’m in train as well

by Wayneo1 » 04 Jul 2018

Hi there I'm very interested in donating to u xx

by Gudman » 05 Jul 2018

Hi if u haven't found help yet then let me know. You
Sound like a decent person and will be glad to share something that special with you my email is ***.com


by Kuki74 » 12 Jul 2018


If you have not found anyone, let’s chat. I’d love to be a father.

by mf2740 » 22 Aug 2018

Hi I am interested if you are still looking please feel free to message
Thank you

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