Single Female- Dublin 37

by O1nmore3 » 30 Jan 2020


I’m a 37 year old single Mom of 2 boys, living in Dublin. I would love another child. My sons father is my best friend but does not want more children. I am not looking for a romantic relationship at all- I am a gay woman. But being a Mother is the most wonderful thing I have ever done. At my age, I know I am near the end of my time to be able to have and raise children.
I would love to coparent. Whether the parent is involved as much as possible- at weekends, holidays etc. the child would have two fantastic big brothers.

Thank you

by munster » 07 Feb 2020

Hi older man single if u want in Ireland

by Ash5490 » 17 May 2020

Hi I’m interested if you would like to chat.

by AP186 » 18 May 2020

Hi I’m a 33 year old fit Irish man. Would be happy to help. Let me know if you’re still looking for someone. Thanks

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