Single Devon MALE looking to co-parent :-)

by Spurs82 » 08 Jan 2016

I'm a single white (half Greek) male from Devon, 33 years old - but look younger (I've been told) :-)

Looking for a co-parent of similar age who also wishes to make their dream come true and love and care for a child.
I'm a childcare professional - loads of experience with children. Would also be willing to relocate to make this happen!

Please message me if interested :-)


by Coco84 » 14 Jan 2016

Get how tall are you

by vikkimitch » 18 Jan 2016

Message me x

by Spurs82 » 11 Feb 2016

I'm about 5'8...athletic built, very sporty, non-smoker :D

by Lona15 » 22 Feb 2016

If you didnt have a any luck yet message me ! Half greek as well !

by Spurs82 » 08 Mar 2016

Can't find your profile Lona15 ??
Please message me if interested. :-)

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