Single 37y female looking for co-parent in the Midlands

by T1ger » 27 Jun 2019

Hi. I am a single woman looking for a donor/co parent based in the Midlands. I've always wanted to be a mum and it is important to me that a child will grow up with its dad in its life. I have quite traditional values in terms of respect and honesty and would like to find a similar minded man who wants to be a dad.

by Bayobayo » 01 Jul 2019

I read your profile and I am intrested if still need a coparent arrangement

by Bayobayo » 01 Jul 2019

I am intrested and like to chat further on coparent idea
Check my profile

by Bayobayo » 02 Jul 2019

I am intrested if you are still available

by wayne47 » 09 Jul 2019

Single guy from Liverpool willing to coparent

by Jong » 10 Jul 2019

Hi - I've sent you a message (not sure if you've got it though) - I'm Nottingham based would love to co-parent! Cheers J

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