Sincere AI donor is desired, who agrees to travel

by Danna » 13 Dec 2015

Hi, I am pretty, fun but with strong moral values. I believe sex should happen between two special people and I dont understand, neither with my, nor with my heart, how two strange ppl can get together sexually "for a high cause", create a life and walk away.

I am open to a romanic relationship with a potential donor/father of my child. But I dont want to confuse two things,

I want a sincere donor for AI in clinic as I might have infertility problem and I want twince at the first trial.

If there are men who are here not just to narcisstically satisfy their need to feel good about themselves by having ("donating") and leaving pregnant women and children behind, but who are here really to help creating s life,

I urgently would like to here from you. I am fed up with proposals to "help me" by having me all naturally.

Thank you

by ash80 » 18 Dec 2015

Feel free to look over my profile. I only help with Ai

by mark1968 » 19 Dec 2015

Why are men offering NI? This isn't a sex site.
I think that home AI is just as effective, no matter what men tell you.
If they are not prepared to donate into a cup, you should question their motives. It's easy to separate reproduction from sexual gratification.

by Virile » 19 Dec 2015

Hi Im Virile.

I'm happy to help you achieve your goal and I have proven fertility. I'm here to help and anymore will happen.

Send me a message on site and we can exchange email.



by Ajay » 18 Jan 2016

Am available

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