Sheffield Female married couple want a sperm donor

by Rocco07 » 11 Jan 2012

We are a marrield female couple who live in Sheffield.
We have been together for 7 years and would like to complete our lives with a baby.
I am 29 years old and would like to have a baby soon, we are looking to start trying to get pregnant June/July 2012.
We would not expect anything from the donor financially or otherwise, but would like to be able to pass on the donors name and contact details to the child later in the childs life if he or she would like to make contact.
If you can help please contact us. Thanks :)

by vivek » 20 Mar 2012

Are you still looking for a donor? Please let me know..

by nikitaC » 30 Apr 2012

Hi sweet hearts.
I truely hope you find some one, as a mum to 4, it must be awful wanting a child so much, even thinking about what you are going through brings a tear to my eyes, Im wanting to help people, as a surrogate or donor, and my OH would be happy to help you both should you still want help.
we live in greater manchester, and have transport, we have 4 children, all concived withen 2 months of trying, and not! as last 3 were born 2008, 2009, 2010. and youngest 22 are 10 moths between. so as he says he has super swimmers lol.

So if you are still wanting anyone feel free to reply to this post, and we can talk take care and the best of luck to you x

by bigdms » 07 May 2012

I am willing to help if you are still looking for a donor.

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