shared custody:looking for gay couple in southern california

by bruyere » 12 Nov 2011

Hello! I don't know how to contact anyone on this site...but anyway...maybe you can check my profile via here... I am a 30 year old lesbian looking for a gay couple in southern california for shared custody. I have much more to say but i have no idea how this forum works yet... so let's see first :)

by daddy36 » 29 Jan 2012

hey there,
have read your ad and wanted to know more about u. This is daddy36 , I am a non smoker healty caucasian Turkish gay male. I live and work in Istanbul / Turkey. I have lived in NY for two years and I am ready to re-locate to any where in USA. I want to have and raise kid/kids. I am finacially secure. If u r interested to be a surrogate or co-parent with the right guy pls do not hesitate to contact me

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