Serious male co-parent needed in the North-East area

by dreamer007 » 11 Oct 2016


Please get in touch if you are interested in co-parenting and like my profile.

by Goodcore » 19 Oct 2016

I am very much interested in co-parent,

by dreamer007 » 23 Oct 2016

Hi thanks for getting back to me. Can you send me more information about yourself, thanks.

by Goodcore » 24 Oct 2016

My name is Courage, 37yrs of age and am a single,
I’m relatively active, good health and tall good looking young man, who have see no reason again for relationship commitment, as I fear not to experience heartbroken again!

I work in the construction industry as Health & safety officer and a consultant too; I've a good sense of humour, fun-loving, easy-going, hardworking & generous and likewise love the busy groove of outdoors-nature,(arts/theatre, dining out or simply (sightseeing)

My experience I got from my last two relationships of 9 years, have made me to understand and see reason that co-parenting is a peaceful & trusted way now to having children, so I want someone for co-parent and all financial aspect shall be on me, but am NOT a donor and etc....

by dreamer007 » 26 Oct 2016

Thanks for telling me about yourself a and interested about you. Send me an email to dreamer007 thanks

by donator » 01 Nov 2016


Have you found a coparent? If not then I I am certainly interested, I wish to be a coparent. I have a successful career and I am in a postiion to fully support a child and the mother.

I would be an ideal person to choose due to my commitment and passion to have a baby. Please let me know if your are interested

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