Serious co-parenting father wanted

by rozig » 24 Apr 2018

Hi all,
I'm considering having a second child (my first one is almost five now), and it seems a lot more feasible for me and a lot fairer for the child if there would be a fully committed co-parent as a father.

So I'm looking for someone who is ready to be fully involved and committed for the next 20 years give or take! An emotionally mature person, who is able to work through conflicts in a constructive way. For this to work I'd want there to be a solid friendship and strong mutual trust between us.

I'm an intelligent and educated woman of almost 40. I have an arts background and now work in social care, and I'm also a yoga teacher. I'm kind, open, down to earth, caring, driven. I have very liberal views with a preference for living life off the beaten path.

If you feel that we'd be a co-parenting match, feel free to get in touch.

by rozig » 25 Apr 2018

I'm forgetting to say: I'm near Edinburgh!

by AP1984 » 26 Apr 2018


I'd be interested in discussing this further with you, whereabouts are you? I'm only in the very early stages of considering this, but would like to get to know someone who is also at the early stages.

by djlee » 07 May 2018


I am looking for the same. I am in the west midland, where are you

by Zafar » 05 Jun 2018

Hi, read your profile and would be very interested to discuss further.

by Biscuit2 » 09 Jun 2018


Read the post and profile. Very much interested myself.
Please do have a look at my profile and we can talk further


by Devon200 » 11 Jun 2018

I I'm very much interested in coparenting but can't find profile ?

by Paolo1 » 17 Jun 2018

Take a look at at my profile and message me if interested.

by gennady » 28 Jun 2018

I'm interested. Please read my profile.

by Scotland » 09 Jul 2018

Hello, seen your profile on this site, were your looking for a donor.are you still looking for a donor/co-parent ? i'm from fife/Edinburgh area and willing to help you if your still looking.
i'm a white Scottish guy 5'10" average build. Healthy Active fit sporty type guy, I've no health issue nor any in my family. don't drink or smoke.well educated. good job ect. i will be willing to help you out if your still looking
if your still interested message me back and we can chat some more

by Jay19868 » 18 Jul 2018

Hey, are you still looking for someone?

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