Seeks genuine healthy man 25 to 30 for AI only.

by hay1234 » 16 Jun 2018

Hi 39 year old woman seeks a healthy co parent / donar. FOR AI only.

I have two adorable nephews, three and five, i love reading them stories.

Sadly I've recently had an 8 week miscarriage, told common unfortunately. So a positive I can get pregnant.

Im looking for someone who is about 30 to 35, as last time
I used a 48 year old male, i think the genetics didnt match.

Im degree educated and work in the education/childcare field.
Enjoy films, walking, theatre, internet, music gigs.

If your serious about meeting up, please contact me.

by Cfresh30 » 19 Jun 2018

I am a 30 year old man from the Caribbean. Almost 6 ft in height about 155-160 lbs. I lost my daughter almost a year ago and would love to have the opportunity again. Looking for someone serious and understanding.

by richy23 » 20 Jun 2018

hiya richard here genuine welsh guy 34 father of identical twin boys get in touch to talk more kind regards

by richy23 » 20 Jun 2018

message me so we can talk more

by richy23 » 20 Jun 2018

hiya like to talk to you x

by DarthNic » 21 Jun 2018

Hi, I’m considering the Co Parenting option. I’m a healthy white british male with no kids. I would want to play an active role in the child’s life and I know I would be a great father if given the chance. I would also want a to form a respectful friendship with anyone I would co parent with.

by s1t9e89 » 22 Jun 2018

Hi am 28 and would love to chat more about it if u want? Message if u out do :)

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